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De Israelische Terreur 788

Shawan Jabarin accepts the Geuzenpenning award for human rights defenders in Ramallah. (Al-Haq)
Travel bans violate freedom of movement Adri Nieuwhof and Jeff Handmaker, The Electronic Intifada, 19 March 2009 Despite international media attention and considerable diplomatic pressure from the Netherlands, Israel did not allow the general director of the Palestinian organization Al-Haq, Shawan Jabarin, to travel to the Netherlands to receive the prestigious Dutch Geuzenpenning award for human rights defenders on 13 March 2009. Israel's travel ban on Jabarin and other human rights defenders on the basis of secret evidence violates principles for a fair trial and the basic human right of free movement, resembling the behavior of the apartheid regime in South Africa.Al-Haq is an independent, Palestinian non-governmental human rights organization based in the Israeli-occupied West Bank city of Ramallah. The Geuzenpenning honors the historic resistance group, the Geuzen, who fought the oc…

De Israelische Terreur 787

'Feiten i.v.m. het EU-Israel Associatieverdrag


In het Associatieverdrag tussen de EU en Israël worden voorwaarden m.b.t. mensenrechten genoemd. Die bepalingen zijn nauwelijks toegepast. Wij gaan de geschiedenis na.

Geschiedenis van het Associatieverdrag.

November 1995 In het kader van verdragen tussen de EU en 11 Mediterrane staten tekent Israël de Barcelona Declaration (vanaf het begin is een conditie te handelen “in accordance with the UN Charter”).

April 2002 Het EU Parlement besluit de werking van het EU-Israël Associatieverdrag op te schorten (n.a.v. de operatie Defensive Shield en i.v.m. Art. 2 van het verdrag “based on respect for human rights and democratic principles”, die als “essential elements” worden aangeduid).
De EU Commissie weigert in lijn met het parlementsbesluit te handelen.

Juli 2004 Uitspraak van het Internationaal Gerechtshof i.v.m. de Muur

December 2004 Israël behoort tot de eerste paar landen waarmee verdragen worden gesloten in het kader van de European…

De Israelische Oorlogsmisdaden 77

Subject: Re: [JUSTWATCH] New details of Israeli war conduct emerge

Well, I was more interested in some legal analysis of the possibilities
for trials and prosecution for the alleged criminals in the IDF
connected with the operation in Gaza than the story of Jenin seven years
ago. I don't think one could compare the Gaza war to the operation in Jenin.

But since Jenin is mentioned, we can talk about that as well. I have to
admit that I am at an immediate disadvantage when it comes to questions
about Israel and Palestine because I have never been there. Therefore,
my knowledge is based only on what I have read. I have used some of the
day to refresh what I remember about Jenin and read up. What I do
remember was that there was claims of massacres where the IDF allegedly
had killed thousands of Palestinians and buried them alive under their
houses. As far as I can see, there was no massive air assault on Jenin,
and it was a regular military operation against militant terrorists.
According …

The Empire 408

Friday 20 March 2009
by: William Rivers Pitt, t r u t h o u t | Columnist

A man looks at a cross set up for a soldier killed in Iraq. The cross is set up every Sunday at the beach in Santa Monica by Veterans for Peace as part of what they call "Arlington West." (Photo: Margaret Molloy Photography)
Six years ago, the United States of America began the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Since then, 4,259 American soldiers have been killed and tens of thousands more have been wounded. There is no accurate accounting of Iraqi dead and wounded, because as we were told, we do not do body counts. Because the Bush administration left its Iraq expenditures off the budget, and because of the tremendous amount of war-profiteering, graft and theft that has been involved, we do not know exactly how much we have spent.
For the record, 2,192 days later, this is how we got here:
"Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction."

De Israelische Oorlogsmisdaden 74

In tegenstelling tot joods-Israeli's die voor de mensenrechten van de Palestijnen opkomen, is rabbijn Soetendorp opvallend stil nu namens zijn geloof de mensenrechten worden geschonden. Hij is doodstil terwijl hij toch het gewicht van de thora met zich meetorst.

'Miami Herald
March 20, 2009
Israeli soldiers say army rabbis framed Gaza offensive as religious war
As investigations continue into the killing of Palestinian civilians during the Israeli military's latest incursion, testimony has surfaced that troops were told their actions amounted to `a religious mission.'
McClatchy News Service
JERUSALEM -- Rabbis affiliated with the Israeli army urged troops heading into Gaza to reclaim what they said was God-given land and "get rid of the gentiles" -- effectively turning the 22-day Israeli intervention into a religious war, according to the testimony of a soldier who fought in Gaza.
Literature passed out to soldiers by the army's rabbinate "h…

De Israelische Oorlogsmisdaden 76

A T-shirt printed at the request of an IDF soldier in the sniper unit reading 'I shot two kills.'

Gechanteerd door Mossad of zich schuldig voelend over het katholiek antisemitisme? Het maakt niet meer uit, minister Verhagen steunt terrorisme, en zal daarvoor ter verantwoording moeten worden geroepen, in de Tweede Kamer en als de volksvertengewoordiging weigert zijn werk te doen dan voor een onafhankelijke rechtbank.

'The late Israeli scientist/philosopher and moral authority (by Zionist standards, that is) among Jewish Israelis , Yesha'yahu Leibovitch, coined the term "Judeo-Nazis" to describe how Israeli soldiers, and society at large, treat Palestinians under occupation, which he blamed for corrupting "Jewish souls." Leibovitch predicted that a "Nazification" of Israeli society due to the occupation will lead to eventually establishing concentration camps for the Palestinians. He foresaw Gaza.

I have mentioned this numerous times in a nu…

De Israelische Oorlogsmisdaden 75

En zowaar, na eerst de Israelische aanval op de Palestijnse burgerbevolking te hebben gerechtvaardigd, al dan niet met het argument dat Hamas de aanval had uitgelokt, zien de Nederlandse commerciele masamedia zich nu door internet genoodzaakt te melden dat de Israelische strijdkrachten oorlogsmisdaden pleegden. Dat is overigens niets nieuws. Die werden door de zionisten al in 1948 en 1967 gepleegd, en tijdens de talloze aanvallen op Libanon. Het enige nieuwe is dat als gevolg van het feit dat de commerciele journalistiek door internet het monopolie op de berichtgeving heeft verloren de commerciele pers nu genoodzaakt is om hun eigen proaganda tegen te spreken. De NRC maakte zich onsterfelijk door een Israelische extremistische zionist de ruimte te geven om het -- in het jargon van premier Olmert -- 'disproportionele geweld' van Israel goed te praten met het argument 'c'est la guerre'. In het kader daarvan deed de NRC het voorkomen dat vrouwen en kinderen slachtoff…

De Israelische Oorlogsmisdaden 74

'Testimonies from Israeli army soliders who participated in the recent aggression on Gaza paint a horrific picture of deliberate killings, sometimes en masse, of Palestinian civilians and wanton destruction of property and agricultural plots, without any "security" justification.

The full testimonies are coming out shortly.

From shooting mothers and small children, even after clearly identifying them as such, to wholesale executions of surrendering families, with their children, Israeli soldiers were following orders that set very loose "rules of engagement," thereby allowing such war crimes with impunity.

And one must not forget the fact that, in this particular war of aggression, fundamentalist Zionist rabbis enjoyed much more influence over the troops, having a free hand to indoctrinate them with fascist interpretations of Jewish Law, or Halacha, that reduce gentiles (non-Jews) to the status of animals and enjoins killing them, including their civilians, in wha…

De Israelische Terreur 786

Israeli troops shot 'unarmed Palestinian civilians under orders'
during Gaza war

Published soldiers' testimonies contradict official version of events
and reinforce Palestinian accounts of disproportionate force

* Rory McCarthy, Jerusalem
*, Thursday 19 March 2009 12.21 GMT

Striking testimony has emerged from Israeli soldiers involved in the
Gaza war in which they describe shooting unarmed civilians, sometimes
under orders from their officers.

One soldier described how an Israeli sniper shot dead a Palestinian
mother and her two children, adding that fellow troops believed the
lives of Palestinians were "very, very less important than the lives
of our soldiers".

The testimony, published in the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz today,
gives a rare insight into how Israeli soldiers fought the war on the
ground; reinforces Palestinian accounts of disproportionate Israeli
force; and sharply contradicts the Israeli military's official
version of events.

The a…